Driving profitable growth through strategy and marketing.


Provided in English, Slovak, Romanian.


For managers and business owners that wish to receive a structured, clear and objective overview of the topic in which they are interested, additional insights and ideas, recommendations for further actions, as well as support with the implementation of various programs.


For current and future marketers, managers and business owners that wish to sharpen their skills, to acquire or refresh their knowledge in certain areas and to perform their job better.


For individuals and small marketing teams that wish to gain in-depth knowledge on selected topics or to solve a certain task (marketing plan, marketing budget, etc.). The training is customized to meet specified objectives.


What makes us different from others - in a good way :)
Expertise. Passion. Approach.

We will engage with your company to understand what drives you and your customers, to understand what are your specific needs. We take the time to listen to you and to learn about your company and about what makes your business special.

We worked across many business sectors in local and international organizations. You will receive diverse insights and perspectives, which are relevant especially when you are interested in developing your competitive advantage.

In the strategy and marketing areas we have not only extended practical experience, but also rich theoretical knowledge. Moreover, strategy and marketing are our passion.

Our services are tailor-made. Even when we apply standard methodologies, the solutions we propose reflect the individuality of your company.

  • Analytical THINKING

    To give you powerful insights that improve decision-making.


    To help you develop and implement effective solutions.


    To bring you meaningful and original ideas.


    To promptly respond to your needs and requirements.


Examples of our latest work for various customers.
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New Product Development

Identified market opportunity, designed and conducted market research and developed the concept of a new B2C product.
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Marketing Audit

Analyzed market, competitors, customers and the business (product portfolio, marketing activities, marketing and sales organization, customer processes), identified problem areas and suggested improvements.
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Mission, Vision, Values

B2B, B2C
Conducted discussions with company founders, managers and key employees to help them formulate the company mission, vision and values in a clear and inspirational way.
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Market Research

B2B, B2C
Designed the questionnaires, conducted the research, analyzed and interpreted the results, made recommendations for next steps to be taken.
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Market Positioning

B2B, B2C
Analyzed customer expectations, competitors, company’s strengths and weaknesses to define the market positioning of the company (its target customers and the key differentiators for its products).
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Communication Campaigns

B2B, B2C
Defined commercial concepts of the campaigns (target customers and offering) and developed communication concepts (visual, messages) and oversaw the campaigns’ roll-out.
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Product Innovation

Gathered market and customer insights and proposed product improvement that generated significantly higher revenues.
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Marketing Fundamentals in-house training

B2B, B2C
Explained in-depth the main marketing concepts (research, communication, marketing mix) and the marketing team’s role within the company and the tasks of each member within the team.