Boost your marketing efforts

You want your company to be even more prosperous. You strive therefore to attract and retain more customers, to conquer new markets, to launch better products and services, to increase sales, to better train your team …

Through our consulting services, seminars and training programs, we help you create, communicate and deliver value to your customers, discover new market opportunities and use more effectively your marketing resources.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Market Evaluation
    • Market Evaluation gives you a comprehensive understanding of the market, whether it is a market where you already compete or a completely new one. It maps the key success factors, opportunities and threats in the competitive environment. We perform the Market Evaluation entirely. If preferred, we also provide your marketing team with advice or training.
  • Competitive Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis maps the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors on the market. It helps you compare competitors and discover the customer views of competitors and their products / services relative to others. We perform the Competitive Analysis entirely. If preferred, we also provide your marketing team with advice or training.
  • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing strategy focuses on how marketing objectives can be accomplished and determines the selection of target market segments, positioning, value proposition and messaging. We develop the Marketing Strategy entirely. If preferred, we also provide your marketing team with advice or training.
  • New Product / Service Development
    • New products and services can be a significant source of additional revenues. We help you set up and manage the product development process and we advise or train your marketing team.
  • Customer Experience & Customer Relationship Management
    • Negative customer experience is the main reason why companies lose revenues. Following a negative experience, customers stop buying from a company and are not willing to return. We map and analyze the interactions your company has with your customers and we make recommendations for improvement.
  • Sales Management
    • The purpose of sales management is to achieve organizational sales goals through effective and efficient sales processes and sales teams. We can help you formulate your sales strategy, develop sales revenues forecasts, organize your sales force, define sales territories, set individual and team performance targets, devise sales performance criteria, sales contests, rewards and recognition programs. We can also provide your sales team with product/service/company-related training.

We also conduct:

  • Marketing audit
    • A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic, independent and periodic examination of your company’s – or your business units’ – marketing environment, objectives, strategies, activities, systems and structures. We determine problem areas and opportunities and recommend a plan of action to improve the company’s marketing performance.